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June 24, 2009



Tara, you can stop blogging now. No one is following as evidenced by the lack of comments. Come on people! Say hello if you stop by! Don't just read and run!


HI! KY Kelly's read this all the time. So much so that you have inspired us to get some chickens! They aren't here yet, but plans are in the works. Oh and if you do check your comments. Bill is going to CA next week :) SURPRISE! He'd love to hook up and see Autumn and Russell. He'll be there from Sun June 28 - Sat July 4.


me and mom and gma and gpa and kristy and everyone reads!!!!!!!
thats why i nvr blogg to cuz i feel like no one is doing comments.!
please keep blogging more!

aunt tara your the original blogger!


Soon we willl have wireless "brain-net" and you will instantly know what people are thinking as they read your blogs. I'm working on inventing it. If we'd had it already, you would have heard comments like these from me: Gee, that little piggy makes me crave a BLT with avacado; I wonder if my yard is zoned for hens because freshly gathered eggs sure would make a good omlet; Why o why is Russell leaving beautiful Maggie for a month for smoggy,smelly CA?; Wouldn't having his head measured for a crown wake Tim up?; Just plain weird that men at the dog park didn't mention said crown as they spoke to Tim; I wish I had one of those cupcakes!; Is Autumn really crying in the hen coop?; What do they do with all the chicken poop? more later............

Gramma jayne

OK. for the 1,oooth time, I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!

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