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March 26, 2009


ol aunt joan

O.K., so Autumn, here's a hint to get excellent grades in grammar. It isn't "me and my dad"..... It is "my dad and I are putting the computer in to the loft." You wouldn't say, "Me is putting the computer into the loft".... would you? The word "ME" can never be used as a subject noun. It is my mission in life to destroy the use of "me and ....." when used as a subject of the sentence. I do this because I love you and only want the best for you....like straight "A's" in English. You go girl!

autumn rose

I dont do english yet... I will next year!


Oh my. What my daughter means to say is - 'I have not taken an english class in middle school'. She misunderstood.

autumn rose

opps. sorry.I didnt think about it.

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