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March 15, 2009



Oh my gosh Autumn!!! You are a cookie-selling animal!!! How many did you sell? If I was there, I'd buy 10 more...just for you. Good job; you could probably sell ice cubes to an Eskimo! Love you.

Man, gas is still cheap there!

Gramma jayne

Way to go, Autumn!! It looks like you had fun. Keep up the good work and enjoy Cadets next year.

grandpa mike

Hi Autumn - looks more like fun than work. Am so proud of ya for your hard work & commitment to your Girl Scout Troop!! Wish I had a box of lemon cookies right now!! Thanx for the great pic's & yer funny comments.

Aunt Kim

I could use about 6 more boxes of Samoa's, but then I would really need new jeans! Keep up the good work Autumn, and it's so nice that you're not embarassed of your dad (yet).

Pam, you took the words right out of my mouth about the gas...

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