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July 09, 2009


what awesome pictures and easy-sounding instructions. so you got all that for free? so cool. how much does cow fat usually go for?

Here from Fight Back Fridays carnival. What gorgeous pictures! I wonder if I could buy the tallow online?

I love tallow for soap making. It makes the bars very hard and last a long time, like grocery store soap. I try to put at least a little tallow in all my soaps. I've never rendered it, but you make it look easy (and lovely!)

Jendeis -- You can find the tallow online, but you'll want to make sure you stick to tallow from grass-fed beef. I've got a new Resources page up on my site that links to suppliers of quality fats & oils, including tallow.

Tara -- What awesome pics! And you got a ton of tallow! Did you save your solid fried fat bits? They make pretty tasty treats when you dash a little sea salt on them.

Also, this fat is VERY shelf stable and won't spoil for a long, long time. Did you know native Americans and other traditional cultures used to preserve their foods in tallow? So, you can store it wherever it's most convenient. And, if you think it will take you a long time to get through it all, a cool, dry place like fridge or freezer won't hurt anything.

(AKA FoodRenegade)

Wow Tara! I am impressed. Still can't wrap my brain around all that saturated fat though.

Emily - yes, for free! I'm not sure how much it normally goes for. I'm guessing I'm going to find out though since I know I'll want to do this again.

Peggy - never made soap, I'm thinking I'll have to look into that...

Kristen - No, I threw away the solid pieces! I know some eat them, but with my gastric bypass I'm afraid of upsetting the pouch with straight tallow. ;)

Donna - I know it's hard to comprehend after all this time of 'bad saturated' fat. I'm learning that it's the new vegetable oils that are the unhealthy ones. Follow the link above for more info.

Love the new blog...
you never cease to amaze me! I love watching your journey, and maybe I'll jump on board, but I think I need baby steps... LMK next time you get some milk from Emmet maybe we'll try some... (although honestly it scares me a little... Ack!)

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