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September 30, 2009


That looks awesome! Now I know what I'm going to do with my kefir cheese. :) That ingredient list for Yoplait is NASTY!!!

Mmm... I'm going to try it with the plums I just picked up from the Farmer's Market yesterday!

I've shuddered several times reading the Yoplait/Dannon ingredients... let alone the stuff they put in the KIDS yogurt!! Eeek.

I've been wondering how to enjoy yogurt without losing all the benefits of raw milk. Thank you so much for this post! I will definitely be taking your recipe for a spin soon! :)

I have a very easy way to make yogurt with raw cow's milk. It's very imprecise...

-put a quart or so of water on the stove to boil.
-in a seperate pan, heat a couple of cups of raw milk to about 110-115 degrees.
-I pour it into a clean quart sized mason jar and
-add about 1/2 tsp of existing yogurt (yes, I started with plain, store-bought yogurt). Cap it tightly.
-Shake or stir until the preexisting yogurt is melted.
-pour boiled water into seperate, equal sized, mason jar and cap.

Now, I have a 'cooler' that fits my mason jars pretty closely. Not much more room than for just the two jars. I wrap the 'boiling water' jar in a dishtowel and put them in (upright) together. After the 'boiling' jar has cooled to room temp, I have a loose yogurt, suitable for salad dressings, adding to smoothies, and the like. If this is good for you, put yogurt in the fridge until you need it. I usually stop here. If I want it thicker, I refill the water jar with boiling water after 12 hours or so until I get the consistency I want. I guess room temps and whatnot could affect this, so it may take some trial and error, but if you look, it really is pretty easy and you never have to heat the milk past 118 and kill everything you love about the raw milk.

This is obviously for plain, tangy yogurt. I usually start this way and add stuff later... never tried to add stuff while it was becoming yogurt!? Now I'm wondering if I could...

Hope this helps :D

Thank you so much for this! I will make some as soon as I can get some peaches.... or maybe I should just try the blueberries I have in the freezer? Hmmmm...:) Fabulous recipe.

I had heard that you are not supposed to "blend" the kefir because it destroys the strains, any thoughts?

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