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October 23, 2009


This is neat! I've done baby food and sauces in ice cube trays, but hadn't thought about doing something like this for lard. Usually I just end up chiseling some out of my larger storage container.

Total genius! When I get some to render, I'll use your tip, thanks!

I love using my muffin tins like this. I use it for sauces (pestos, tomato, etc).
I also use it for coconut oil, since like lard - it's solid most of the time and trying to get some out of the jar is rediculous. I use the mini tins and i have a perfect amount to use as a little moisturizer after a shower (or if you add some sugar - a great shower scrub), or throw into my choco-coconut power bars!

This is the greatest idea ever. I agree, you are a genius!

You are totally a genius! LOVE THIS!

Yup. Genius!


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