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February 09, 2010


Love the video, tara. You sure are busy with the food ideas. I admire that, and look forward to learning more next month from you.

I would love to have your recipe for the sprouted wheat pancakes! I am like you, no dehydrator (can you believe we had one left from my mom that was just taking up space so I sold it last year... and now I am getting into NT eating & could really use it! ugh!) And my blender is el cheap-o. I'm going to see if you have your yogurt "recipe" on your site too? I'm new at all this & just started making kefir- haven't had a good batch yet (too yeasty & bitter) but hoping it turns around soon. Sprouting wheat is something I haven't done yet but I want to (found a website that has a recipe for making yummy looking bread from the berries just using a food processor- gotta try that too!) Thanks!

please post the recipe for the blueberry yogurt- sounds yummy!

Hi Tara - wow, I am so impressed with all the things you are making in your kitchen. You are so organized and knowledgeable and I am hoping someday to be this far along in my skills and abilities in my own kitchen! I had no idea you had a blog, and I'll be visiting more often. It would be fun to do some cooking together someday - I have a dehydrator that we bought around Christmas time and I have yet to make jerky, which is my next project. We made dried fruit and also soaked granola in it so far. Haven't done any sprouting or fermenting of grains yet. I tend to avoid grains as I have trouble with them, but I would really love to attempt a sourdough loaf very soon. I'm very intimidated by bread and just need some inspiration!

Cheers to you and thanks for keeping this great blog with all your cooking and food adventures here! :)

I love how you describe your "living, breathing kitchen". Mine is the same way. I am always doing dishes yet there are always dirty dishes in my sink! :)

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