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February 02, 2010


I'm glad to see that you made sourdough buns. I keep meaning to try that but haven't yet. The cake looks delicious!

Tara, I'm happy you tried the cake - and yes, I agree, it is thick. That is probably why we like it so much - more like brownies than cake. Happy Birthday, by the way! Your lard - how are you storing it that it is shaped like that? You're so beautiful. I love that picture of you holding your cake. Thanks for sharing your week in the Twister!

good for you for trying to like liver. That cake looks great, and so does your reorganized pantry!

save me some liver! you amaze me, Girl!

Wardeh - When I render my lard I pour it into mini muffin tins and the cool it. They just pop out and I put them in freezer bags in the freezer and pull out perfect 2 tablespoon portions for frying onions, sauteing, even waffle making! So easy.

Thank you for the nice compliments! Your blog is quickly becoming my favorite because it seems we have a lot of similar tastes and ideas.

The liver is easier & better eaten Raw (for heat-sensitive Vitamin A) cut into tiny little slivers.
Great pantry!

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