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February 07, 2010


Bravo! Your mention of your local frozen tomatoes and basil pesto has me yearning for spring :) One of my 2010 goals is to learn more about eating locally, particularly by checking out some of my local farmers markets.

There's nothing wrong with taking things at your own pace. I think you'll be more likely to make lasting changes that way. Your homemade cheese looks wonderful! Although, technically, chevre refers only to cheese made with goat milk (chevre is French for goat). We haven't tried our hands at cheese-making yet, but it's on the list!

Very impressed by your homemade cheese! That's on my list as well :). I, too, am taking the challenge slowly. I'd rather take it slowly and have it stick than try to do everything at once and a) starve to death or b) get overwhelmed and bail out. I'm impressed that you were able to revive your sourdough culture after so long!

I saw that you're getting rid of Truvia. Isn't that stevia? Why pitch it?

I'm really struggling with the challenge, especially since I've been away for a few days of it. It sounds like you're doing great!

If you want something cheap to grind your grains, a coffee mill works great. You can get an inexpensive one at Walmart for less than $10. The only problem is you can only do a small amount at a time. I borrowed a grain mill from my church and it ended up not working that great (it was from the early 80's so I wasn't expecting much, lol!)

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