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April 27, 2010


I think as long as you eat it in smallllllll amounts you should be ok.... right?? haha. Sounds like something I would do though!

My daughter saw a documentary on shark finning - and it horrified her (and us!). It's when the sharks are caught in those huge fishing lines...and instead of throwing them back, the fishermen cut off the fins and throw the still living shark back into the water. Very cruel. This is a real waste of the shark and it's creating an imbalance in the oceans. The fish that the shark would normally eat are increasing in number, and eating all the smaller fish. God knew what He was doing when he made sharks.
So, at least you are eating the rest of the shark - and it is not going to waste.

When I made mayo...I found it didn't thicken as well if I didn't use mustard. It does give it an unusual taste, though. But I like mustard.

There is a raw milk yahoo group & several people there talked about making yogurt with milk "straight from the (animal)". In my house I had a homemade yogurt disaster (low temp culture for 24 hours & it looked great but tasted like mold! I think it may have been thrown off by someone's suggestion to add powdered gelatin.) So my daughter has forbidden me from ever making yogurt (or cheese. Why? Just because.) again! :)

I just read today about yogurt made from fresh milk immediately after milking. take a look here: http://thebovine.wordpress.com/2010/04/25/three-months-working-at-glencolton-farms/

I make my yogurt with raw goat milk. I even take the milk and starter out of the refrigerator and mix them in a clean,sterile gallon jar. I put the milk into a cooler with 2 gallon jars of very hot water and place a towel around all three. This method has nearly always produced the best yogurt I've ever made, creamy and thick,with a layer of cream on top. I had one time that it did not taste as good. One time out of many is not a bad average.

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