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May 26, 2010


Looks very much like my kitchen. I just fermented several jars of dill pickles this morning and now on to ferment some jalapenos. One question though, you mentioned that you are still eating fermented veggies from last summer's harvest. How or where are you storing them? I don't have near the room in the fridge to store all my family would eat in a season.

Thank you for a peek into your kitchen,

Hi Carolyn - if my whole family ate the fermented veggies, then no, I wouldn't have room! It's just me eating them and I only eat a little bit at a time. So I have several jars of kraut and other veggies that I keep in my fridge. I also have a garage fridge that helps tremendously for overflow! I highly recommend that! Hopefully one of these days my family will catch on and I won't have to be eating year old ferments. Although, they are just as tasty as when I first did them.

You know, I hear of year old ferments, but it doesn't happen here. I made a batch of kraut in Feb and I threw it out last week because it had this weird pink stuff on top. Granted, I did dump out the excess liquid cuz dh said it was "too salty" LOL.

I, too, have kombucha that has been sitting under the counter since last summer. Probably 1.5 gallons worth. I understand using it for vinegar in salads, but what soaking do you use it for? Rice? Oatmeal? It seems like it would impart too much (unwanted) flavor.


Debbie, I use it for rice, beans, really anything that would call for apple cider vinegar. I tend to drain and rinse my soaks often (including oats) so I've never had a vinegar tasting problem. Plus, you have the benefit of using a raw 'live' vinegar.

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