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May 22, 2010


you're awesome!

Your son is the best. :) What a happy guy! Love Bert and Ernie, too.

Where did your idea for beer come from? I'm intrigued.

I grew up in Suriname and a favorite snack was fried chicken feet. We loved to nibble down to the tendons and then chase our friends, pulling the tendons to move the toes!!! I make chicken broth now using heads and feet that I get free from a friend who raises a LOT of pastured chickens, it's rich and delicious.

love it! Bert n ernie want some!

Wardeh - I've been using beer in meats for a long time. Started with adding beer to beef stews. In the crock pot it simmers so nice. Since then I've added it to pork in the crockpot and chicken. Just gives it a different flavor and all the alcohol cooks out.

Tara - your posts are so cute! I love the Ernie and Bert. I'm such a sucker for my childhood nostalgic items like Sesame Street and the Muppet Show, and many other contemporaries. :)

I have used beer in cooking, like Paella, but not stews. What a good idea! My husband loves his beer, and I'm sure he'd be keen on adding it to some of our other meals.

Love the chicken feet! I need to get busy and get some of those chickens...maybe from Homestead Natural Foods.... :)

Those are some cute little chickens :-)
Chasing kids with chicken feet makes for an enjoyable time at my house too. But at 13 and 15 the girls don't find it as amusing as I think they should. And Christopher (16 months)thinks the feet are food. So I'm pretty much just amusing myself, ah well.

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