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June 16, 2010


These look so good. Now I am regretting selling my ice cream maker at the garage sale! :( Is this how you normally make chocolate chip cookies? And where do you get or how do you make almond flour? Thanks!

Wow! Those look amazing!

Katie - I can't believe you sold an ice cream maker!

People actually buy that junk from those trucks?

Nice looking sandwiches though!

Mmmmmmm!!!!!! my mouth is watering!

I sold the ice cream maker back when I still believed that whole milk, cream, and eggs were bad from me. I'm a very different person now. :) Bring on the homemade, full fat ice cream! Yum.

Katie - I've made these cookies about three times now. They work out great! A while back I bought a 25 lb bag of almond flour from bob's red mill. That was before I knew about soaking nuts, seed, and grains. This flour is obviously not soaked, but I'm willing to use it as a good grain free, gluten free option. PLUS - it wasn't cheap, so I'm not going to waste it. You can buy almond flour in the stores, or better yet, make it yourself out of crispy almonds. Here's the ice cream maker I have - works awesome!


As I was reading this I started to hear the ice cream truck pulling through our neighborhood. I accidentally melted my ice cream maker years ago. We had a tiny kitchen and the only room I had to store it was in the oven. DUH! I am seriously considering getting the one you listed above. Thanks for the recipe!

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