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June 07, 2010



I love green smoothies. I have a quart almost every morning. Good idea to great the carrots first. Sometimes I will wind up with a chunk of carrot in mine. Try yellow squash, cucumber, or beets in your smoothies. A whole young coconut with the meat and water makes a yummy smoothie.

Love the photos! And the cayenne and cinnamon suggestion, fascinating combo. I'm trying that this afternoon. My 'green smoothies' are usually muddy color, too. Beets make a lovely pink/red smoothie.

These are just crazy! I usually don't do a smoothie without the milk kefir. The dairy really tones down the other tastes. I've added beets (roasted) and it makes such a lovely smoothie color. Almost like one of those frozen drinks at the store.

Thanks for sharing this post, the smoothies look yummy. How & why do you make the chia gel? I usually just dump it right in dry.

Also I've read that you should steam spinach first but rarely take this extra steps!


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