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June 09, 2010


Your new layout is AWESOME! I love it and I love the header - and of course the beautiful foods featured in it. I'm really happy you've enjoyed the eCourse, I've been thrilled you're a part of it and that I got to know you better through it. Have a blessed day!

is this the same cheese you made for me? It was sooo yummy! :0)
The banner pictures are not loading for me, but maybe its my slow computer...

I don't see any banner pics either.

Heather and Jayne - you may need to clear your cookies, or something to that effect.

i need a header like this one anbd was planning on doing much the same kind of compiilation but...alas, the camera is caput lol I will have to try this cheese as we were not thrilled with the formage blanc...ick!

Didn't realizing making raw cheese was this easy. May have to give this a try.

Oh and where do you get the cultures from?

Hi Tara - I love your new design, and the goat cheese looks fab! I need to make some cheese, I made yogurt a little over a week ago and I've been swamped since, having not much time for anything other than just cooking meals. You are inspiring me once again! :)

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