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July 14, 2010


Yum. We just finished our first 1/2 gallon of pickles for the year. Good thing our garden has tons of cucumber blossoms. I am finding that salad dressings are a great vehicle for probiotics in the summer, too.

Everything looks delicious! Have you frozen your herb cheese before? How does it thaw? I would love to freeze mine, too, but worry about the consistency when it thaws.

Sara, I have not froze and defrosted the cheese before. I did freeze several half pints of plain soft cheese, but have not yet defrosted them. I'm thinking that with the soft cheeses the texture would be fine. If anything, a quick stir and maybe some added raw milk to get it smooth again? I'll update on the blog once I defrost some. I was going to wait till the later months when raw milk is not so available to defrost it, but now I'm thinking I should try one to see how it goes before deciding to put up more.

I took a cheese making class and they told us that soft cheeses defrosted fine with out any change in character. It's the harder cheeses that tend to become more crumbly when frozen.

It all looks so good, and I love that you're using your herbs. Great idea to use the vinegar-y kombucha in salad dressing. Tell me about the sourdough pitas... did you use a regular bread dough or a special recipe?

Susan - thanks for the info!

Wardeh - I used the recipe and directions from here:http://heartlandrenaissance.com/2010/07/whole-wheat-sourdough-pita/

It was the first time I tried pitas. I think I rolled them too thin - they never fully puffed up. Only in certain spots. Also, I had to bake mine much longer. I'll try it again sometime maybe with some different techniques.

Rolling too thin or rolling too much leads to not puffing up fully. They really look good, so you must have done allright. :)

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