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July 15, 2010


Hi Kara.

That looks GREAT and sounds so yummy!

I would love you to share this at my blog carnival Wholesome Whole Foods.

Oooh, yum! I am going to make this to bring to my in-laws on Saturday morning. I'll try and let you know how it turns out. Can't wait! :)

Looks amazing. I bet the topping makes it. I am making myself get up from the computer to go make this right now. I needed a dessert for company this weekend.... I love the low sweetness in it.

In the oven now! Smells so good! I only gave it 5-1/2 hours of soaking, but it is hot today. The kefir probably worked fast. :)

I used date paste for the banana and molasses. Blended dates with water to paste. I added it until the batter tasted good -- 1-3/4 cups. Could have added more but that was all I made up.

I will let you know how it goes!

I tried a similar recipe to this only instead of soaking the wheat flour in kefir, it called for soaking in 2 cups of yogurt for 12-24 hours, 2 cups of shredded zucchini, honey, and 3 eggs. It did not turn out very good. Very dry - which might have been due to the recipe calling for squeezing the liquid out of zucchini.

I have couple of questions. Did you use freshly ground wheat flour and do you think the type of wheat flour you use makes a difference. The dough came out very stretchy like after it sat for 24 hours. What kind of molasses did you use and can you use blackstrap molasses and get the same results or substitute with honey?

I would like to read the feedback from your readers who said they were going to try it before I attempt to make something like this again.

Just finished mine this morning... I used 2 cups whole wheat pastry flour (not freshly ground though...), goat kefir, and the rest exactly as the recipe says. I don't know if my molasses is blackstrap or not, just says all natural unsulfured molasses. One thing I noticed was that the topping didn't seem like enough to cover the cake, so I did add probably another 1/4 cup walnuts. And, I used "craisins" instead of raisins just because I'm not a fan of raisins. Our two eggs were a little on the smaller side, but that's all we had left for now. I let it soak about 7 hours overnight last night. When I was mixing the flour/oats/kefir with the rest of the ingredients, I didn't really have any chunks of dough as you mentioned, so I really didn't need to mix much more than with the spoon.

I have to say I agree with your husband that IMO it's just maybe is not quite sweet enough. As it cools I can taste the cinnamon more though and it's yummy! Smells amazing too. Of course, I kinda craving a sugary crunch on top, but that would obviously not be the healthiest :)

Thanks for the recipe! I'll definitely try it again sometime and maybe add a little honey and maybe a crumbly topping (what's in those toppings exactly though? anyone?)

Wardeh - how did it come out? The molasses is such a distinct flavor that I'm curious as to what yours ended up tasting like without it.

Lisa - I do not grind my own wheat, BUT I do buy local organic whole wheat that is ground the day I pick it up. I then store it in my freezer. I think the wheat I use is rather dry and heavy (just my experience from making bread with it), so yes I do think different wheats can give a different texture. I've have issues with my dough being stretchy like you described and I just add more liquid to give it the consistency I'm looking for. Yes, mine was blackstrap molasses. You could sub in honey, but again - they are very different flavors, so it will be a different taste. Not bad, just different.

Carrie - that's interesting that your topping didn't seem to be enough. Mine almost seemed like too much. Did you measure the nuts before or after chopping? Often times coffee cake recipes will call for a topping of oats, flour, brown sugar and butter. So that may be what you are thinking of. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi Kara! I grabbed your RSS feed. I remember spice cake from my granny as a child and that smell in the air is like heaven! What I love is "traditionalizing" old family recipes to be healthier so you can continue to enjoy the soul food and comfort food aspect of a dish or treat, knowing you made it healhty! Great blog and hope you come visit me at a moderate life! :) alex

Tara -- It was really, really good. The topping makes it great, I love the buttery crunchiness of the nuts. I would agree with Carrie that it could use more. :)

Mine was probably sweeter than yours, and it was perfectly sweet. I think combining molasses with dates would be really good, but just dates was wonderful.

I forgot to say that also I used fresh ground spelt flour, which is awesome in cakes. It is much like whole wheat pastry flour in its lightness.

Tara - Do you know the difference in whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour? The health food store that I go to sell both.

Where do you buy your freshly ground wheat flour?

Hi, I substituted ingredients, too, soaking buckwheat flour and using treacle for molasses. It came out extremely soft and rich - like fruitcake without the fruit.

I made this today and it was awesome! I added another banana for extra sweetner and moisture and used ground pecans for the topping since I didn't have any walnuts and my boys don't like chunky nuts. Then I served it warm, topped with a dollop of sweet cream (from NT). Mmmmmm...!

I made this recipe & it came out well. I did use spelt flour & honey rather than whole wheat flour & molasses.

However, my "topping" sank into the cake somewhat & wasn't really on top anymore. This didn't seem to happen to anyone else who commented. Can you suggest what may have gone wrong for me?

Lisa - I'm not well versed in it, but I think that WW pastry flour will yield a lighter (less dense) baked good. I found a local farm that grows organic whole wheat and will grind it for me the day I pick it up. I get 25 lbs at a time and keep it in the freezer to keep fresh.

Vicki Kay - glad to hear your substitutions worked out deliciously!

Leah - thanks for letting me know. The sweet cream sounds like it would be amazing on it!

Jessie - What was the consistency like once you poured it into the baking pan? Did the nuts and raisins seem to sink right away? Maybe the difference in the spelt flour had a effect on it? I'm sorry, I'm not sure. Did it turn out alright otherwise? I almost think that the topping sinking in would be rather yummy!

Hi Tara, this cake looks delightful! It looks so delicious - I'll bet it would be fantastic as a coffee cake type of pastry as well (or even for breakfast)!!

Thank you for participating in Monday Mania and sharing your Real Foodie Wisdom with my readers!

Pastry flour has a lower gluten content (so I have heard) so you can't use it is things that have yeast-they won't 'lift.' So, it's best suited for quick breads, cakes, cookies, muffins, that sort of thing. I would not think that this would be 'gluten-free' enough, though, for gluten intolerant individuals. I always still soak recipes in which I am using WW pastry flour. Or, I use my sprouted flour. =D

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