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October 21, 2010


Oh yum! Nothing is more satisfying than a good broth. I try to remember to add my extra vegetables and chicken backs to the freezer until I have enough for a broth. Then I freeze them as ice cubes so that they are ready to go for recipes.

way to go, Nurse!

I DO think it was the bone broth - it really is magical potion. Thanks so much for sharing this with Simple Lives Thursday!

Thanks for posting this! I never thought to just give them a cup of broth!!! My son is not feeling well either and just can't seem to get over this stuff, no appetite and for him that is huge! LOL I have been pumping Vit. C, cod liver oil, oregano oil, and others. I make chicken soup, but never thought to drink the broth! Good idea! Guess what he will be having when he gets home from school....as I have broth in the fridge....thanks again!

I made some the other day with my pastured chicken!

Tara - thanks for your kind comment :) I am so glad you enjoyed the waffles. We love them at my house! I made them for breakfast this morning too. We are in the middle of a SNOW day!

Love your mugs!!!!

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