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July 10, 2007


Gramma Jayne

We been praying today for their safe return. Do the kids look older and taller now after 5 weeks? they are sure sweet kids!

aunt kim

miss them already!!!!!


Miss them!!!!!Jenny

psyd effex

Wow...I can't believe that they already came and left! That went so fast, it's over too soon. I loved having them, and wish it was longer. I should have keep a log of all the things we did, but who had time for that?!? But we took lots of pictures and I hope to organize them somehow so the kids have a photo-journal of their trip. Being "Mom" to them 24/7 was quite a change of hats for me, and made me realize just how much I have changed, in all ways, since I raised my own kids. Even with the minor "issues" we had along the way, I can say that they were absolutely delightful and I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe to give myself some extra energy to keep up with them! Having them for five weeks was like cramming all the weekends we used to have together into one long extravaganza! Whew! And I know for sure that Jaxon, Emma, and Jeremy loved spending time with their cousins...and we were so happy Will could join us for one Sunday for pictures, that was great!
When I asked Russell if he was looking forward to being home (besides returning to his "routine"), he lamented, "I wish I could go home closer". I think that sums it up for me, too!
My door is always open to any of my grandkids, figuratively and literally. Stay happy and safe until next year guys, and we will do it again! I hope you had fun, I'm pretty sure you did! I know I had a blast...I love you and miss you!

7/14/2007 08:15:00 AM

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