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May 25, 2009


Gramma jayne

Thanks for the heart-warmer!! so... WHO is the king really??


Casey wins.... I love you, Casey! But no, you can't come to live with me. Too much poo, pee, and barf. But I still love you! Besides, I don't make gooey stewy chewies.
But I digress; your weekend looked like so much fun; I'm sad I couldn't be part of the festivities. Especially Russy's BD, Will's Author Tea, and Autumn's concert. Tara, why don't you show Autumn a picture of you in band? I might even have one of myself at the same age! Yikes!
Miss you all...

ol aunt joan

Tim, Tim, Tim....IF you think you are the king of the house...I have an Idahoian 20 acre farm with running stream, pond, barn, and a new 4,000 square foot ranch house I can sell you for a hundred bucks. Can't the dogs live with the pig? Tara wouldn't have to vacuum so much. just wonderin'


I'll give you fifty for the farm antie joan. happy birthday!


Looks like a great weekend! Lots of fun.

I guess I didn't make the correlation that April is Autumn's band teacher! Then I saw the photo and thought "hmmmmm, that looks like April... oh, it probably IS April!". Too funny.

Congrats to Autumn on her award! Awards are good and give nice warm fuzzy feelings :)


Thanks for all the updates! Will looks so handsome and we would love to buy a copy of his book if it is available. Let us know

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