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June 09, 2009


grandpa mike

Hi Tara - thanx so much for sharing this with your CA family! As your day ticks by minute by minute, you probably think how will I ever get through this. But from a distance, I we are all holding you up in prayer & love. You are an awesome mom, wife & friend!! As I am approaching 70, I look back at my yrs as a parent & wish I had done so much more as I watch you!! You are my HERO!!! much love, your favorite pa-in-law!!


what kind of books does he like? What level? Maybe I can send him some.

Gramma jayne

Hope he loves the library and devours a lot of books! The photo of him pretending to sleep is hysterical! why would he sleep through a dragon book?? Come on, Will, get reading those chapter books for yourself. It's cool! You can have many adventures in books. Tara, we pray these summer days with Will are a joy and blessing for you, "blessings beyond belief", (and for him as well) even though the challenge can bring weariness/frustration. We believe in you, and love you!! Our Jesus promised He is WITH US ALWAYS.


Oh boy summer.....I am scared! I am trying to think of what I can do with them especially Jaxon already...library is a good idea thanks. Good luck keeping the kids entertained I will be thinking of you and can't wait to see you guys soon!!


Oh and I am so glad he is enjoying his cook book!!Yay!

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