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July 02, 2009


aunt kim

Even that won't stop me from eating taco bell! man, i love the onion, them are some clever folks over there. Thanks for that, Tara. i'm going to go eat my leftover burrito from last night.

Gramma jayne

ROFLMAO!!! Thanks for the huge laugh!! Where do i see the news on a pill that makes old people look un-angry>??? I will take a barrel full of those pills! and I want my senior discount!! Damn it!! (not that I am the angry one...)
After weeks of trying to keep up with the healthcare debate for my nurse teaching sessions at team meetings at work, this is a hit! I will just play this video for the masses and let 'em go their merry way. doing green things. hey, if you go green, do you poop green too?


That is HILARIOUS!!! And it figures we just went out and ate some taco bell today! Hooray! We're helping cleanse the environment! I can't wait for them to come out with that new meat filler replacement!!!


Darn it. I LOVED the old tacos with horsehair-hoof meat. They were my favorite. Why does everything have to be new and improved and environmentally friendly?


i think that is plain STUPID! why use fake phony stuff when you can have good healthy things that nature has to offer you!yes, i know that the earth needs our help, but we need its help to. by giving us healthy food we would acually want to eat. i would eat food that's actually GOOD FOR YOU.
i think i have proven my point.


Hmmm...god ol' 'Toxic Smell". Always knew there was something weird going on there. But I thought the green was mold.

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