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August 30, 2010


autumn kelly

my smile is all weird...


You can do this, Tara. I have every confidence in you. You are the best mom Will could have!

Granpa Mike Kelly

Tara, I check your blog at least once a week - and WOW is this a "doozie"!! Thank you for taking the time to post this. So many of us know of Will's special needs & love him sooooo MUCH!!!! He, you, Tim, Russell & Autumn are in my prayers as usual. Now we all have more info to lift up to our Father in heaven. Please try & "carve out" a little time now & then to keep us posted & let us know if you have any special prayer requests. Again I say, God knew what He was doing when he sent Will to you & your family! I respect & admire you for your love for Will. May God give you the guidance & patience to support & love Will. gpm

Lara Saunders

Amazing post Tara! Your insight and dedication will ensure Will's success and also Russell and Autumns....YOU GO MOMMA! From a fellow lioness. Lara xx

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